Fool's Gold

Forgettable re-thread of similar (better) films.

The first third of the movie keeps stars Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in seperate plot threads. We learn that they used to be married, but his obsession with a particular treasure hunt de-railed their marriage. We meet him on the day that he finds The Big Clue as to where the treasure is, sinks his boat (by accident) and pisses off a Bad Guy that had been funding his search. This is also the day that his ex-wife sails into town, now working for a very wealthy man... who owns a big shiny boat. Before long, her charming husband has conned his way on board the big shiny boat and convinced everyone to join in his treasure hunt. Much to his ex-wife's frustration. Meanwhile, the Bad Guy tries to stop them and get the treasure for himself. Boo, hiss, boo!

And that's it. The two thirds of the movie that follow are exactly what you would expect. Minus laughs. It's meant to be funny, alright, but it isn't. And the film is hampered by an awkward storyline about the wealthy man and his daughter (one of the most annoying characters ever put on film). As well as that out-of-place father-daughter storyline, there are a couple of violent deaths that seem totally at odds with the (intended) light tone of the movie. Strange choices abound in this one. Strange choices, bad choices, whatever.

So what can be said in it's favour? Well, it's less than two hours long and McConaughey is very pretty. Grade: "C"

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