Iron Man

After Superman, I believed that a man could fly. After Iron Man I believe that a man can redeem himself, no matter how badly he's fraked up in the past.

And I could not be happier that they choose Robert Downey Jr. to carry this message. It works because it's his story, and it shows that he knows this. His heart is in every frame of this movie, his heart is in every word he utters, and your heart will be in the movie, too.

It's a cool movie, with lots of things blowing up and stuff like that. But, it's a well-told human story first and foremost. If the X-Men movies strike a chord, it's because each one of us have known the pains of isolation and exclusion. If the Spider-Man movies strike a chord, it's because we all know the little fears and frustrations that drive our daily lives. And Iron Man? Iron Man is aimed at those of us who have made mistakes in the past and want to redeem ourselves.

And, it strikes a chord. Believe me, it strikes a chord.


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