27 Dresses

Good cast can't save average, forgettable film.

The story is pure formula: single girl obsessed with weddings, caught between two guys (a Mr. Right and a Mr. Wrong). But you know what to expect going in. With films like this the story (such as it is) really doesn't matter. You pay your money and sit down hoping to be entertained by the cast and the script.

27 Dress has a great cast. Katherine Heigl shows herself to be a real star. She manages to make her silly character very likable and shows a genuine flair for comedy. James Marsden gets a chance to step up and (finally) be the Male Lead in one of his movies and he's fantastic. Both are supported by a cast of scene stealers and - with all this in play - the scene is set for an enjoyable movie.

Sadly, the script sucks. Heigl is funny. But she only get about 5 chances to show this. In a two hour film??!! She and Marsden have great chemistry, but the movie keeps them apart for far too long, and devotes lots of it's running time to a Marden workplace subplot that could/should have been mentioned once. So, in this two-hour romantic comedy, you have multiple scenes that are neither romantic nor comedy. Just people talking. About stuff. Mostly weddings. And with the film not being funny, and Heigl and Marsden not being together on screen very much, you have time to sit there and notice just how silly all this is: people talking about weddings. Sigh.

I'll grade it as a "C" and forget I ever saw it.

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