I Am Legend

This one was one I wanted to see, I liked The Omega Man with Charlton Heston, but didn’t want to compare the two.

Will Smith is the lead in I Am Legend and he plays his part very well.

A man-made virus is spread through the planet and Robert Neville (Will Smith) is immune to the virus and may be the last living man on Earth.

At the start of the film, we don’t get much action, but I like the way the film gives you the sense of how one of the largest cities in the world is so quiet, we don’t get to know what happens to all the people but as the film rolls on we do. His dog, (German Shepard) plays his only companion until he meets up with a woman and her son. We are given only glimpses of the infected people, it give more feeling of fear and fright to the film, but when the infected people attack, we see how far from human they have become.

Great film, but might not be everyone’s choice, if action is your poison.

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