There you go, there’s all you need to know about Wanted. If you want to read the director’s cut of the review, then add the phrase “lots of” at the start. Seriously. That’s it. Wanted is fun. Pure and simple. It’s the story of a painfully ordinary individual – Welsey Gibson (James McEvoy) – whose girlfriend cheats on him with his best friend (and he knows) and who suffers from panic attacks any time his obnoxious boss opens her mouth in his paper-pushing job.

Except that Wesley is not ordinary. He’s the heir to a position within the Fraternity – a secret group of assassins whose jobs come from Fate herself, incarnated as a giant loom. His father, who Wesley never knew, was a part of this Fraternity until he was assassinated by a rogue member. Now it is up to Wesley to claim revenge.

Cue lots of cool car chases with Angelina Jolie hanging off the edge of a red Corvette travelling at insane speeds through city streets, shooting at a chasing truck, gun fights with curving bullets, big explosions, and a shot of Angelina Jolie’s perfectly-formed behind. All essential features of any self-respecting film, I think we can agree.

In fact, while watching the first hour of the film, with Fox (Jolie) training Wesley to leave behind his old fears and inhibitions to become a Fraternity assassin – running along trains, knife fighting, shooting people in buildings while on the roof of a moving train, I couldn't help but feel that this was exactly what would be required to go out with Angelina Jolie. Seriously. Watch the film with that thought in mind, and see if it doesn't open up a whole new level for you.

Wanted also manages to contain its fair share of twists, even if one or two are a tad predictable, they’re certainly enough to keep you entertained and reminded that you’re watching a far-above-par action flick. Lots of fun, very cool effects, and Angelina Jolie’s bare ass. That earns any film an A- in my book.

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