10,000 BC

Roland Emmerich has always had a talent for crafting big blockbusters that never let themselves worry about trying to be historically or scientifically accurate where these things got in the way of a good yarn (Stargate, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow). In his case, these things are very generally excusable, due to the fact that he generally makes highly enjoyable, if not artistically inspiring, films. 10,000 BC is no different.

It presents the tale of a human from a tribe of hunters after the last ice age who sets out on a journey across much of the world to find the love of his life who has been kidnapped by slave traders. A fairly average story, and not exactly original, but then the plot is really only an excuse for a visual spectacular, and, unsurprisingly for an Emmerich film, it does not disappoint. The mammoths are truly believable as being real, while the sabre-tooth tiger is nothing short of spectacular, and something its creators should be truly proud of.

As far as human characters go, the main roles are filled adequately, and at least the film can explain away its shoddy dialogue as being in keeping with the less developed linguistic prowess of our ancient ancestors.

A decent yarn wrapped in spectacular visuals, 10,000 BC is Roland Emmerich doing what he does best, and long may he continue to do so. Definitely worth the watch – B.


Raging Aquarius said...

I hated the film - besides the historical inaccuracies, it seems pointless and artistically flawed

Dibbler said...

I agree, but I've always thought that being pointless is kind of the point of a Roland Emmerich film.