Stuck On You

Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear star in the Farrelly Brothers' most underrated film, and what a gem it is too.

Damon & Kinnear play conjoined twins Bob and Walt, joined at the waist by about 9 inches of flesh and sharing a liver. They run a fast food restaurant in their small town, until Walt convinces Bob to let him follow his dream of being a Hollywood actor, with the upshot that this will give Bob the opportunity to meet his dream girl he knows over the internet who lives in LA.

This is without doubt one of the funniest and sweetest films I've ever seen. It's heart is absolutely in the right place, and it's crammed full of hilarious moments, along with fantastic appearances from Meryll Streep and Cher.

But regardless of all of these, the film simply would not work if the relationship between Bob and Walt was not as loving and believable as it is. The two central characters work together perfectly, and it elevates the entire production as a result.

Besides, how can you dislike a film with a finale as wonderful as a scene from a musical version of Bonnie & Clyde?

A+ from me. Everything a comedy should be.

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