St. Trinians

I could start off by saying that I was interested in seeing St. Trinian's because of my affection for the original film series. And, while it is true that I enjoyed the St. Trinian's films when I was a kid (and they aired repeatedly on TV every Christmas Holidays), I must admit that it wasn't the primary motivation for me going to the cinema this most recent Christmas break to see the new movie.

I could start off by saying that my interest in seeing the 2007 update of the old franchise (originally the creation of British cartoonist called Ronald Searle) was based on some great love of British comedy films in general. But, while Britian has produced many a great comedy gem over the decades, it would be unfair to imply that this in some way made me hasten to see this on the big screen.

No. Best to come clean. I went to see this film because my local cinema website ran this photo of Gemma Arterton:

And I thought to myself... Yum!

So, going in with no greater expectation than seeing Miss Arterton running about dressed as a schoolgirl I have to say the film was a pleasant surprise on every level. It's funny. And even when a gag does fall flat, there's another one coming along just behind it and it stands a chance of being funnier. The cast are delightful. Particularly Rupert Everett and Russell Brand. I've never seen Everett before but he's a real star here and Brand, who normally irritates me so much that I switch channels when he comes on, proves to be inspired casting for the role of Flash Harry.

The girls (including the gorgeous Arterton who is in the next Bond movie) are likable and interesting. The plot moves at fast pace and it's easy to get caught up in it all and have fun. I sure did.

In short: it reminded me very much of the old films I used to watch as a kid and I hope they make a sequel. Solid B+ from me.

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