Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey stars as the same goofy character he always plays, this time in incarnation of Bruce Nolan. Bruce is an unhappy TV news journalist who blames God for his being passed over for promotion and a string of bad luck. In order to prove that “God” is not an easy job, God (Morgan Freeman) grants Bruce all of his powers.

After some fun, Bruce realises that he was a big selfish jerk all along, and changes. How predictable.

The movie has some saving graces, however. The sequence in which Bruce uses his power to control the voice of his rival, Evan Baxter (played by a still-relatively-unknown Steve Carrell, and the lead character in the sort-of sequel “Evan Almighty”), while he is live on air is side-splittingly funny, in a very childish, but nonetheless real, way; while I dare anyone not to be amused by Bruce’s expulsion of an “anal-dwelling butt monkey” from a Latino man’s ass.

All in all, this movie earns itself a B – it’s typical Carrey, which is still funny, just not as funny as it seemed when I was 10. Worth a watch.

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